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A little over one out of every four households is involved in providing care for a chronically ill, disabled or elderly family member or friend and just over half of all caregivers, for persons age 50 and over, are employed full-time. Nearly 75% have had to change jobs or stop working because of the demands of family caregivers. If employees spent less time worrying about home and their loved-ones, they could be more productive at work. Star Partners understands the concerns of caregivers. We can help you with a variety of services to make your life easier while caring for your loved-one. Whether you are looking for a realtor to help sell a home, an assisted living facility for an elderly parent, in-home supportive care or an acute rehabilitation hospital, Star Partners is available to help guide you by answering your questions and providing quality services to you and your family.

A Tale of Mr. Star and Mr. Jones

Mr.Star and Mr. Jones, two golfing buddies, both have wonderful wives and families. Both of them brag to one another about their grandchildren and how well they play golf. One Sunday afternoon, Mr.Jones didn't show up at the driving range to meet Mr. Star because he had fallen and fractured his hip. He knew his wife was unable to care for him and his daughter and son lived far away and were busy with their jobs and families. He didn't want to burden them with his problems. So he called Mr. Star later that evening, while he was at the hospital. He was confused by all the advice and papers that the staff were providing to him.

Mr. Star visited Mr. Jones the next day. He told Mr. Jones that when he fell, a couple years ago, he called a group called Star Partners and was guided to all the services he needed. So the story begins...

Mr. Jones had his daughter call Star Partners. She asked a patient advocate to visit her father at the hospital to help him sort through all the confusing papers and insurance issues. The advocate spoke with the hospital physician and discovered that Mr. Jones would need more care at an acute rehabilitation hospital, so the

After a couple weeks of rehabilitation, Mr. Jones was ready to be discharged and Star Partners sent a in-home health nurse and a representative from an private-duty care and durable medical equipment company to visit him at the hospital, answer questions and provide a smooth transition from the hospital to his home. When he arrive home, his nurse, the private-duty caregiver and his walker and cane were there for him. Both his daughter and son were relieved that he received excellent care and the transition was seamless.

After Mr. Jones was settled, Mrs. Jones explained that she was having trouble with their bank and how she needed answers to questions about their savings. She was worried about expenses and insurance co-pays. He gave her the number for Star Partners, and she talked with a caring and patient relationship banker who answered questions. Mrs. Jones was so impressed by the service that she decided to change her bank and continue receiving the help and advice she needed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Star visited his physician because he was having back pain. The physician was concerned about his weight and blood pressure. He recommended a telehealth system to monitor Mr. Star's blood pressure and suggested a nutritional coach, since Mr. Star always struggled with his weight and eating habits. He said his back pain looked like a pulled muscle and suggested a massage therapist. So Mr. Star went home with a written order for telehealth care and called Star Partners. He was guided to an experienced and professional massage therapist, a nutritional coach to gradually change his eating habits, and a company who could install the telehealth system and handle all insurance billing. He felt relieved.

His son called that afternoon and they begin discussing Mr. Star's health. His son asked if he had long-term care insurance. Mr. Star did and suggested that his son purchase it. What do you think Mr. Star did next? Yes, he gave the Star Partner number to his son! Now his son has a resource to use as he travels through his adult life.

Two years later, Mr. Jones was out golfing with Mr. Star again, and they were talking about their wives. Mr. Star's wife has had demetia for the last three years and now it was getting worse. He needed to move her to an assisted living facility to provide her with more specialized care. Mr. Jones was concerned for his friend and as they continued to talk, he learned that Mr. Star planned to move in with his son and needed to sell his home. When Mr. Star got home, he felt very tired and depressed. He called his son and talked about how he felt and that he didn't want to burden his family. Concerned for his father, his son contacted Star Partners and was guided to a caring assisted living professional who set up a tour for Mr. Star and his family. His son also talked with a knowledgeable senior realtor and attorney, who helped him to sell his father's home.

Mr. Star settled in with his son, visited his wife almost every day and continued to play golf. One day Mr. Jones didn't show up for golf, and Mr. Star was worried that Mr. Jones fell again. He waited for a call. Finally Mr. Jone's wife called and said that Mr. Jones had a stroke and was dying in the hospital. Her daughter and son lived far from home, and she didn't know what to do. Mr. Star talked with his son about the situation and they both visited with Mrs. Jones that evening. They contacted Star Partners, after learning that she would need help with her finances. A caring reverse mortgage representative met with her to discuss how she could remain in her home. They also talked with a compassionate hospice nurse, who assisted them with insurance issues and provided support for Mrs. Jones and her friends and family over the next week.

Mr. Jones passed away, and Mrs. Jones had already set up services and decided on a natural burial. Star Partners assisted her with the burial plans. Mr. Star looked back at the last few years and realized how Star Partners had made his life and Mr. Jones life easier by helping them through difficult questions and providing dependable and professional services.















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